Aishwarya Rai promotes a soap, people buy it...!
Shilpa Shetty promotes a breakfast cereal people buy it...!
Hrithik Roshan promotes a Deo and people want it...!
Apple releases a new phone and people stand in line for it...!
Deepika Padukone weight loss programs, folks jump on board.
If a Friend or family member starts a new business/ service people are wary of
buying it!
"Got to research it !" and say Products/ services are "Too expensive !" "Judge
you", "Doubt your capability without even trying" , "confused and unsure".....
What's wrong with this picture??
Why are we so quick to support someone we don't know, who has plenty of money
already, but we have a million reasons not to support someone we know living a
regular lifestyle like us?
So next time you see a friend posting about their business give them a quick
like, share or a comment, even if you don't need or buy the product or
service...! Encourage them. Their effort. Their dreams. Be a part of their
Promote your family & friends first.

And try to show some faith in someone’s talent and hard work

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Posted by Yagvendra Singh Kumpawat on LinkedIn