🚀 Airbnb’s IPO & What You Can Learn From the Firm’s COVID-19 Strategy 🚀

In 2017, Airbnb was valued at $31B —
But its worth tumbled by 42% to $18B in April this year.

Today, Forbes estimates that Airbnb’s planned IPO could value the company at
$30B —
Almost the same as its pre-COVID valuation!

1️⃣ Public markets are trading at record highs.
2️⃣ Brian Chesky’s nimble and forceful response to COVID-19 pulled Airbnb back
from the brink.

How did Chesky do it?
✅ He quickly raised capital to keep the business afloat.
✅ He cut costs by laying off staff and reducing executive salaries.
✅ He pulled out of non-core markets.
✅ He captured new revenue streams to respond to changes in demand.

If you want to be successful, you have to show you’re willing to do WHATEVER IT
TAKES to keep your company going and growing.

❗Resilience is more than a buzzword.

Founders and CEOs, what are your COVID-19 strategies? 🤔
Let me know in the comments! 🗣️ 💬

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Post credit to our COO/ Founder Christopher Grey

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