Airbnb recently did an IPO of $100 Bn. Paul Graham wrote about one of the
inspiring stories around building Airbnb in the early days back in 2013 πŸ”₯

"Airbnb is a classic marketplace business. Marketplaces are so hard to get
rolling that you should expect to take heroic measures at first. In Airbnb's
case, these consisted of going door to door in New York, recruiting new users,
and helping existing ones improve their listings. When I remember the Airbnbs
during YC, I picture them with rolly bags, because when they showed up for
Tuesday dinners they'd always just flown back from somewhere."

Founders usually don’t have a choice when it comes to user research in the early
days of building and growing the product. The market and insights are super
important to the founders to build a great product. And once founders set
themselves down that path, no one can know about the users and the market better
than them. Over time, it just becomes a habit and a superpower.

What prevents others from building this superpower? In this week's post, we try
to answer the question and cover user research, something we love talking about
but rarely do justice to. Read it here -(

Happy Sunday 😊 ✌️