After understanding a #termsheet, I came to know that starting a #company is not
that easy as much as we think it to be. Though we may start one day, but the
fittest among the starters will survive.

It's true that #idea is important but idea alone cannot make #business.
Idea must be bagged with proper #research, #team, #customers and #funding.

It's very important that one gets educated patiently on #startups.
Get yourself #aware about the terms, #work in small startup #teams. Carry the
#knowledge and finally start.

Many of the people are with the wrong #mindset, they think that 'if this time
passes by. I will never make it.'
And they jump in. They themselves decide to be the scapegoat.

Many have started with the same thought and today have come to such a position
where their own courage is ignoring them to enter the market again.

Startup cannot be as easy as cooking Maggi.
Don't be a scapegoat.

Thank you Sivesh Kumar Sir for bringing those amazing sessions through Startup

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Posted by T SAI DEVAKAR on LinkedIn