After spending 14+ years of my life in the investments industry, I can share
some of the common mistakes that investors make:

1. Credit Card and EMIs - You see so many ads about buying things on EMI, Credit
Card at zero cost. Remember, they are into business, they aren't going to pay
for your debts.

2. Spending Habits - I have seen people spending beyond their pocket allowance.
Read this somewhere "People spend money to buy things they do not need, to
impress people they do not like".

Another one - “If you buy things you don’t need, very soon you will have to sell
things which you actually need”, said Shri Shri Warren Buffett.

3. Insurance: Considering insurance as an investment is one of the most common
mistakes. When it comes to life insurance, just take a Term Plan, and you are

4. Seeking Quick Money - Consider this 'Getting Rich vs. Staying Rich'. I have
seen many investors getting rich through short-term trading, but yet to find
someone who stayed rich for 20/30/40 years doing this. Choose the one you

5. Cover your health - "Jaan hai to jahan hai". Get good health insurance for
yourself and your family. That's the first thing to do before investing.

Tell me the mistakes you made in your initial investment journey, in the

Posted by Anupam Roongta on LinkedIn