Adil Hassan, my senior from IITD, started Harvest Gold in 1993 in a bread market
dominated by 2 large players.
Priced 40% higher than competitors, they quickly cornered a significant market
share through product and packaging innovation.

The lockdown last year gave a fillip to D2C food brands.
It’s interesting to see many friends starting up in this space.

Arjun and Anju sell flavoured sauces and mayonnaise under the WINGREENS FARMS
A welcome addition to any meal. I am a regular customer.

My IIT batchmate, Vigyan Gadodia started a dairy farm in Neemrana, and sells
products under the Sahaj brand.
I have been buying his desi ghee for more than a year. Everyone I know swear by
it’s purity and quality.

The father of e-commerce in India, Vaitheeswaran K, started his flavoured
milkshake brand Again Drinks.
This is an SKU that always finds its way into each of my Amazon shopping carts.

A few friends recently invested in PostCard - Discover India`s Local Flavours .
. .
An interesting take on traditional snacks that we grew up eating.

Moot question - would you be willing to pay a premium to get good products from
trusted sources?

Also, what are the other D2C brands that you discovered in the past 10 months?

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2021 . . .

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Posted by Rohit Thomas Koshy on LinkedIn