Actors & startups

Amitabh Bachchan- Rejected by many early in life. Now, acclaimed as ultimate in
Start ups rejected by Investors early & finally may become Unicorns!

Shah Rukh Khan- Started small on TV. Got recognised. May not be great in acting.
But, positioned well.
Start ups starting small & scaling higher with some good ‘contacts’ (whatever).
Position well with PR.

Naseeruddin Shah- Went to Acting school, got groomed for acting not bothering
about looks.
Start ups going to some good incubators, get the inputs, learn, practice and
come out with flying colours

Ranjit- Specialised in violence, rapes & everything bad possible on screen.
Startups may need to do dirty work & may not get recognition as heroes, but
still get their share.

Abhishek Bachchan- Star kid. Got an easy break . But, struggled.
Need to come out of shadows first

Jeetendra- Yellow pant, green short, white shoes, red shades- wear whatever &
shake legs the way you want and call it dance.. but, just do it.
Startups that are bold and doing non-conventional things boldly. Just do it. No
one cares!

Sushant Singh Rajput- High initial success. Unable to manage hight stress &
succumbed to fate.
Cool head is important.

PS: I am not responsible for any one/company that gets annoyed by my rants :-)

Posted by Ramesh Kumar on LinkedIn