AC filter turns your existing split AC into an air sterilizer!! Nirvana Being,
Delhi has launched an all-in-one Nanotech AC Filter that can be added to your
existing Split AC and turn it into an air purifier for just Rs.750. It removes
viruses and bacteria with over 99.7% efficiency and PM 2.5 with more than 96%
efficiency, thereby playing the role of an air sterilizer. Standard media and
HEPA filters, which are somewhat porous, cannot filter nano-particles smaller
than 0.3 microns while nanotech filter to filter down to 0.1 micron. The filters
can be used with Split ACs of any brand and tonnage. Each filter is estimated to
have a life of 300-600 hours based on the AQI conditions. Additionally, if you
wish to remove volatile organic compounds, odors and gases including smell of
food, paints and chemicals from your indoor space, you can install the Nanotech
AC Filter with Carbon. Great. Join with me to congratulate Jai Dhar Gupta and
wish him all success