About iTheme Sync
iThemes Sync is a tool that allows you to manage and maintain all of your WordPress websites from a single location, saving you time and effort. Instead of logging into many websites, you may do WordPress admin chores from a single dashboard. Because it is a hosted service, you can administer your site from the iThemes website.

The default setting, once implemented, provides a high level of protection without requiring hours of configuration.
Advanced features include altering database prefixes and changing the path of important files.
Protects against brute force assaults and backdoor vulnerabilities, as well as malware detection.
Do not provide total site protection, such as partial spam prevention.
Even simple things like activating SSL can cause the plugin to destroy your site.

Blogger, freelancer, and gold are the three distinct pricing levels available.
Blogger –This plan cost you $80 per year.
Freelancer – This plan costs you $127 per year.
Gold – This plan costs you $197 per year.

Who should use iTheme Sync?
Sync, like all iThemes products, offers a fantastic user experience. It will make managing updates and backups for various WordPress sites a breeze. It won't let you publish posts or switch between sites unless you log in. If you merely need to perform maintenance duties, though, iThemes Sync is a fantastic solution.

Get it here - http://ithemes.pxf.io/c/2037330/708565/9639