About iTheme Security Pro
iThemes Security Pro monitors critical security events that occur on your site. These events must be tracked in order to determine if or when a security breach has occurred. The information contained in these records can be used to detect and repair the point of entry of a successful assault, lock out rogue actors, and indicate an undesirable modification on the site. Strong password requirements, two-factor authentication, and passwordless logins are just a few of the features included in the iThemes Security Pro plugin.

IP addresses of known hackers are blocked from accessing your website.
Notifying you via email if any potentially suspicious behaviour occurs on your website.
Works with network and multi-site setups.
Dashboard interface is simple to use.
There are numerous security settings and options to choose from.
Certain functions may require manual editing of the htaccess file.
It doesn't always get along with some web hosting companies. This plugin performs poorly on several low-RAM shared hosting providers or VPS.
It has the potential to break your website. All security plugins have the potential to do this, depending on a variety of factors and the changes that these plugins make.

There is a free and a pro edition of iThemes Security, but the pro version is well worth the money and contains a lot of features. You won't be able to use features like Magic Links or two-factor authentication if you continue with the free version of iThemes Security.
There are three different pricing plans to choose from. Each plan comes with a year's worth of updates.
The annual fee for the Blogger edition is $80.
The Small Business edition costs $127 per year and can be used on up to ten sites.
The Gold edition costs $199 per year and allows you to use the software on an infinite number of websites.

Who should use iTheme Security Pro?
iTheme Security Pro is an ideal choice for businesses with only one website and no plans to expand.

Get it here - http://ithemes.pxf.io/c/2037330/708564/9639