About Bigrock
BigRock web hosting software is tailored to your individual requirements. It develops scalable hosting solutions that deliver unrivalled performance and value. It offers world-class technical support along with its web hosting service. The company belongs to the category of hosts who provide basic services at a low cost. It's ideal for hobby sites and small companies.

In comparison to VPS, Dedicated Hosting requires the usage of an actual server rather than a virtual one, making it less expensive and cost-effective in the long term.
Unlike shared hosting, the security of a Virtual Private Server is substantially better, allowing you to have more security and reduce security threats.
Because the server is private, any fluctuations or surges experienced by other users have no impact on your website, increasing the stability of its operation.
Shared Hosting, may not be able to provide stable functionality if your website traffic is medium to large.
If you intend to manage your VPS Hosting, you must maintain suitable configurations; otherwise, your website may be at greater risk of security.

The main plans are:
Linux advanced plan - ₹ 179 Per Month
Windows premium plan - ₹ 299 Per Month
Other plans are:
Duration Price
1 yr(s) 12.50 /yr
2 yr(s) 11.89 /yr
3 yr(s) 11.79 /yr
5 yr(s) 11.69 /yr

Who should use Bigrock ?
The fact that they respect all ICANN standards is the main reason that it is primarily used by new businesses who trust Bigrock when purchasing a domain.

Get it here - https://bigrock-in.sjv.io/n11529