About a year back we had open position for a Data Scientist. The process was
divided in 2 parts: coding and interview

A couple of candidates had performed well in 1st round. A particular candidate
(H) caught my eye, he was from mechanical engineering background and couldn't
code, but still tried to write pseudo-code of questions (and was almost right).
So even though none of his codes worked, I gave him a chance of interview.

In interviews, I found a lot of smart candidates particularly fit for the role,
but the enthusiasm to work in a start-up was missing.

When it came to H, he couldn't answer any questions related to Data Structure or
algorithms and was honest about his non-coding background. But when it came to
solving puzzles and Data Science, he aced it. His enthusiasm to work was also
pretty as during the interview H tried his best to answer every question known
to him.

I ended up hiring H because of his tenacity and enthusiasm. I later came to
know, H had rejected a 5X package in major organization to follow his dreams as
a Data Scientist and gain experience in a small start-up.

Its been a year and H has been independently driving a major project in US
financial markets for us. It shows, you're on your way to success if you have
the right attitude towards your goals.

Posted by Akash Shah on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/akash-shah-527b7319