Abbreviation Demystification for Clients not in digital marketing:

SEO = Something Everyone Offers
DA = Don't Answer
TF = True Facts
DR = Doughnut Remains
SEM = Something Everyone Markets
CRO = Crappy Rank Optimisation
OBL = Orange, Banana, Lemon
ALT = Abstract Llama Trajectory
CMS = Crappy Management Service
NAP = Never Ask People
CTA = Called to Ask
LPO = Latent Pastry Obfusication
ROI = Really Odd Impersonator
UX = Used Xylophone
AOV = An Orange Vase
CPO = Crazy Person Outside
CPV = Cost Per Violin
CTR = Called To Rant
BHW = Dodgy Links

Before sending your SEO proposal to Mavis the bakery chain owner - ask yourself
whether she'll understand your intro paragraph of

Here at Egg Fish Bird Media we offer maximum ROI by optimising your CPO so that
your SEO drives massive YoY AOV. From our contemporary glass box office (that
has a stray YUCCA plant in it) we make magic happen as our team of non award
winning SEM specialists do their thing - that you don't understand.

Happy Friday!

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