A year ago today, I was living in a country I didn't love, working a job I
didn't find fulfilling and spending my weekends realizing I was not around

When I turned 22 exactly a year ago, I decided that I would:
(a) Make my passion into my profession
(b) Have less disputes but more disagreements
(c) Set a timeline to return to family
(d) Find a project worth pursuing in India

Fast forward to today on my 23rd birthday, I find myself in the country I call
home (India), contributing to a fulfilling cause alongside a great team and
spending time with family on weekends.

Returning from Soho to South Mumbai to build BimaPe and be with family is the
best decision I could have made.

This is also the 1st birthday I'm spending at home after a while - it is worth
many times the satisfaction that a high-paying overseas job can bring you.

I'm very excited to spend the next year working with Vishrut, Eashan, Kunal,
Krish, Abraz & Nishant building a consumer-friendly digital insurance product in

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