A G Krishnamurthy was asked to shortlist an agency for Vimal in 1976. He first
shortlisted 3 going by their work at that time. Frank Simoes was one of them

Frank stated that his agency wouldn't do a pitch, but AGK was welcome to visit
his agency, meet his key people & see their work. One visit & AGK recommended FS
to be Vimal's agency in even though the other 2 had made pitches

Frank produced great advertising for Vimal Sarees. He wrote, "A woman expresses
herself in many languages. Vimal is one of them". The tag line which continued
for another 20 years (even though the account shifted )

Most models wanted to be featured in the Vimal campaigns. These campaigns
usually featured more than 1 model. Garden's models looked detached & aloof at
the camera & in contrast, Vimal’s models were warm, fun & emotive, all indulging
in Indian pastimes to showcase its roots & also a difference with Garden

The Sari represented the typical multifaceted Indian woman, who took on many
roles easily. Vimal played the facilitator & gave women the medium to express
themselves through its saris in various colours, prints & designs

Different, unusual print sizes & multiple color double spreads went in tandem
with the uniqueness of the campaign. It also had an 'arty' look

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