A typical funnel for an author/entrepreneur would be book readers into leads…
leads into prospects… and then prospects into clients.

It is a great funnel to work with but that’s if they end up buying your book.

You are missing out on those people who checked out your book and almost bought

But I have a simple fix to solve this problem.

Here are 3 easy steps to fix this:

Step 1: Create a valuable giveaway - On Amazon, there is a ‘look inside’ feature
where the readers can read the first few pages of the book. You can utilize this
by including a link to a valuable freebie. It can be anything from an ebook to a
workbook to a simple checklist.

Step 2: Collect their email address - Once they check out the giveaway and they
decide they want it, you can now collect their email address.

Step 3: Send them an email sequence - And when you have their email addresses,
they are officially in your funnel. Send them a nurture email sequence to warm
them up and eventually send them a pitch.

Now that you know how to get clients using your book, I bet you won’t be missing
out on any more potential clients.

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