šŸšØ A "Terrible" Crash to Come Ahead [STOCKS] šŸšØ
Investors, how much longer can this last?

šŸ‘‰ Markets are up almost 75% since the March lows...and everyone knows we're
nearing the ceiling.

The question is, what's the trigger going to be?

Wall Street experts say that sky-high valuations are not the only reason stocks
could sink ā€”

Restricting retail investors from trading GameStop, AMC, and others is now

"Individuals have a lot of power right now. If they say 'To hell with it, I'm
out' - we could see a significant decline in stocks" - Business Insider

In other words,

āž”ļø Keep track of how retail investors are trading the markets.

āž”ļø Keep track of how brokerages are limiting opportunities.

If the former reduces and the latter increases ā€”

We're only one step away from a deadly drop.

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