A Sr. Copywriter recently posted a list of skills and asked people to judge her
salary level.

Big mistake.

Salary is Never dependent on a mere list. Instead, this is how I’d judge, as
would most seniors. 1. The quality of your portfolio. Curate the best of your
work. Don’t bring a dump yard. 2. The quality of your ideas. Even if it’s an
idea for a label, good ideas will shout. 3. The quality of your craft. Just how
effortlessly can you write? 4. The quality of your dexterity - how differently
can you think film, print, radio, social, digital? 5. The quality of your
clients. While working on small clients isn’t a crime, a rashly written menu for
Ramu Cafe in Bhuj isn’t going to cut it. 6. The quality of gloss. Sadly, great
writing can get underwhelmed by bad art. Get work re-artdirected. 7. The quality
of your platform understanding. One creative doesn’t work across all. 8. The
quality of your current agency/boss. It shouldn’t matter if your work is
sparkling. 9. The quality of your awards. You may not have any, but do you know
Lions also live in France? Knowledge is key. 10. The quality of You. Are you
articulate, grammatically sorted, able to defend work, and industry aware? A
great smile goes in your favour too.

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Originally posted by Prathap Suthan on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/prathap-suthan-b0675b5