A problem you NEED to address in your finances: liquidity.
What is liquidity?

It's simply the ability to access cash.
For example, if I were to lose my job and had no income for a couple of months,
how would I pay for my expenses?

Well, you would need to access your assets.

But what if I put too much in my stock portfolio?
-You would be forced to sell those assets, which are more favorable when held
long term and may trigger tax consequences.

What if I put too much in my retirement accounts?
-Distributions may also result in tax consequences AND 10% penalties.

What if I put too much in real estate?
-Liquidating this, as you know, can take months to happen.

These costs can be quite hefty when tapped into too early.

So how do you avoid this?
Accounts that make it easier to access funds:
-High-Yield Savings Accounts.
-Money Market Accounts.
-Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Yes, these funds don't produce a great ROI.

But it prevents you from tapping into funds you are planning to keep for the
long run.

Strategically preserve more so you can distribute more.