A mechanical engineering degree from Visvesvaraya National Institute of
Technology in 1973, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in
1982 and a PhD from the University of Mumbai in cybernetic modelling in 1993
while working as an executive at Bharat Petroleum. He was managing director of
Petronet India Limited before becoming an academic. He was a professor at the
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and later became a senior professor at
the Goa Institute of Management.

This is the introduction of Anand Teltumbde, who is in jail since April last
year on charges, which many believe are fabricated. An article in The Washington
Post today makes some not-so-shocking claims about this case.

So, why am i writing about only Anand Teltumbde when they are many others
languishing in jail on the same charges? To tell everyone, those who think this
is not for LinkedIn and those who think it is, that this can happen to anyone.
Be careful about clicking on unknown links. Be safe.

Originally posted by Rajeev Kondapalli on LinkedIn
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