A man asked Tolstoy,"Please guide me, should I get married or not?" Tolstoy
replied,"It hardly matters whichever option you choose, you would repent at the
end of the life." Hahaha

How your wife changes your life?
*Makes you feel special
*Adds value to your life
*Sets-up family & provides you a purpose of life.
*Your advocate for life
* Lets you focus on career of choice
*Provides strongest support, emotionally, financially & physically

What are the secrets of happy married life?
*Mutual respect & admiration
* Women do great job when their man provides them a
support & install confidence.
*Managing reactions & ability to keep shut
*Seeing happiness in small things
*Work for home while you work from home, be a good
domestic help.
*Imagining life without her. That thought will block you from
picking up any fights.

Be it Prabhu Ram, William Wallace, Bajirao the great, President Obama, Rajiv
Gandhi, Shintoz Abe or Sachin.... their wives provided them the purpose,
stability, happy life & much more....

Moral of the story... You are the source..... You provide the stimulus...
Reflect on these points & emit happiness. In this pandemic, while working from
home it is more important than ever.

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