A lot of people ask why is it so that VCs has a reputation to fund young
founders with no experience or very little experience.

My top 3 observations:
1) These young founders learn quickly and adjust to scale while experienced ones
have a tough time unlearning and pivot as companies change shape with every
round of funding. VCs fund fast learners. Founders role will constantly shift as
startups scale hence the rate of learning dominates the skills or experience. A
periodic reboot of mindset is required.

2) While these young ones have basic skills but what makes them attractive is
that they have great aptitude, the real hunger for growth and go all-in with
full skin in the game filled with a feeling of invincibility while experienced
ones always try to be cautious, have a backup plan B.

3)These young teams have no personal commitments, no home loans and total
willingness to work all hours. They have unlimited passion. The mature, founders
come with a baggage of old ideas, scepticism trying a new way of doing things.

There are exceptions, we have examples of great companies created by matured
teams but they don't need micro VCs or early-stage capital as they have their
own funds, the network of connections and resources to scale the idea till they
reach Series A funding.