A lot of authors usually don’t know what to do the day their book gets
published. They think that their readers would just magically buy the book
without doing a little marketing.

Don’t make the same mistake as them. Here are 5 things you can do as soon as
your book gets published:

📚 Stock up on copies - You need signed copies that you can give away
personally. Whether if it’s in exchange for your first reviews or just to give
it to someone who will really benefit from reading it.

📚 Add your book to your email signature - A lot of people don’t realize that
the email signature is a valuable space to do your marketing and it’s free too.

📚 Add your book to your social media - This is a good way to market your book
as well as establish authority. Especially on LinkedIn, where there is a special
section for publications.

📚 Prepare a content marketing plan - Prepare a set of posts and use an
automated posting tool like Autopilot. This helps build trust with your readers.

📚 Distribute a press release - You can use PR distribution tools like HARO
(Help A Reporter Out), or DIY and give it to your local media networks.

The key here is to get as much exposure for your book as quickly as you can.

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Posted by Vikrant Shaurya on LinkedIn
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