A lot of authors commit the crucial mistake of not putting much importance on
the font of their book covers when in fact this little detail can’t put off a
potential reader.

Your book can give the impression that it’s not professionally made just by the
font you choose.

So here are a few fonts that you can use on your book cover:

πŸ“– Gotham - Nothing speaks more professional than this font. This is the go-to
for most non-fiction authors.

πŸ“– Hoefler - If you want to look more modern, this serif font is perfect for

πŸ“– Trade Gothic - This is a versatile sans-serif font. Its bold style is great
for catching attention.

πŸ“– Helvetica - This font is great and is preloaded on most computers but you
need to have a license to use it commercially before you put it on your cover.

πŸ“– Bodoni - This is a great font to use because it has a great balance between
its thick and thin lines.

These are just some of the fonts you can use for your non-fiction book cover.

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