A look back at 2020: challenges can speed up the progress.

The pandemic situation brought everyone a lot of uncertainty. Negative thoughts
might divert our focus. Instead of rushing, I focused on my personal growth.

• I spent close to 100 hours studying and improving my skills. (CXL courses,
DigitalMarketer, Blue Array SEO Academy)

• With a small team, we built 1000+ backlinks. We got backlinks from Forbes,
HubSpot, Paypal, Mailchimp, Ahrefs and etc. What is our secret? Focused and
effective work. We reached 6300 positions in Ahrefs rank and I know that soon we
will be in TOP4000.

• I started contributing to SearchEngineWatch, OnCrawl, and other SEO websites.

• I helped grow interesting projects. You can see organic traffic growth in the
image below.

• I have never been in such good shape. The gym is my kitchen floor, my personal
trainers are Instagram videos with exercises.

• And the biggest win is MY NEWBORN SON!

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