A letter to myself on day one of my 9-5 career,
after small business failure:

1. Entrepreneurship isn't freedom. A safe career isn't freedom. Freedom is a
mindset. You can just free yourself.

2. Writing online will completely change your life. You won't be able to
understand it until you do it. It looks pointless from the outside. But writing
online is a conversation with your future self.

3. You can't control opinions at work.

4. If you feel overwhelmed then take a midday walk.

5. A 15-minute nap in the lunch room can take you from negative to positive.

6. The feeling of a promotion wears off real quick.

7. You work to earn currency. Understand how currency works.

8. When you're extremely frustrated for months on end, it's probably time to
look for a new career.

What would you tell yourself on day one of your first job?

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Posted by Tim Denning on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/timcdenning