A great way to test the readability of your resume

Is to ask a friend to review it and see if they can easily understand what you

If they can't, then there's too much jargon and you need to simplify it

You do not know how many people or who will be reviewing your resume.

Yes, you will definitely have the recruiter and/or hiring manager read it;
however it isn't safe to assume that they will understand your jargon even if
you are applying for the same type of role.

The company you are applying for could be using different internal terms
compared to the company you are in right now, so never assume.

In addition, if the company's small there may not be an internal recruiter, it
could be the administrative assistant or another employee at the company
screening your resume before they pass it to the hiring manager.

They may not be "trained" on what to look for from a keyword perspective so you
want to make the content on your resume as impactful and easy to read as

I've also seen hiring managers pass resumes that the recruiter selected to
someone on their team to review and pass back to them.

You can be assured they aren't going to spend tons of time dissecting your
resume when they have other things to do.

So keep it simple.

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Posted by Max Chan on LinkedIn
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