A friend of mine is the CEO of a high-growth startup.

I was feeling incredibly proud of how well he is doing. I congratulated him, and
said, “How does it feel to be running such a high growth company?”

Pat came his reply, with a smile “It’s uncomfortable”

I was puzzled with his response and enquired why - “One thing I have learnt is
that we have to wake up every day and do something that is extremely hard in the
market - if we do the easy stuff, we will not create any value.

It’s an uncomfortable situation, dealing with new and difficult things. But
that’s exactly why clients come to us - because we have got so good at solving
hard problems and creating value. We thrive in the uncomfortable.”

It’s incredible, but your life is just like a startup - especially when you’re
young. Applying the same logic to personal growth yields exactly the same
results - always challenge yourself to do difficult things.

To grow personally, you must thrive in the discomfort of doing difficult things.

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Posted by Aviral Bhatnagar on LinkedIn
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