A difference that can make a blunder

Most still confuse content writing with copywriting.

There is a difference.

That most fails to notice😳

Content writing informs, educates👨‍🎓, or guides the audience.

But copywriting persuades the audience to take action💪.

For a business, both the service is significant.

Good content will draw the reader's attention and increases the website's

A good copy helps to retarget the #audiences and pursues them.

Unless you have a good number of audience to your site, you can’t jump onto

While strategizing, a content writer will focus on the SEO perspective.

But a copywriter will focus on intriguing the emotion of the reader.

A huge #difference🙀!

Blog posts, videos, infographics, webpage are some examples of content writing.

Ad campaigns email marketing, PPC landing pages are a few examples of

Do they have anything in common🧐?

Yes, they do!

They both understand their customer’s painstaking points, language, and tone.

To keep it short

“Content tells, Copy sells” 😜

Either if you’re about to take a project or if you’re looking for someone to
hire - be clear

You may find it hard to track someone who can do both.

Do you agree?

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