A dang good example of how to leverage OTHER people's FB groups to promote your

Just got this message today:

Hi Aaron,

I just joined SaaS Growth Hacks group, you have an amazing community.

I am a Partner Program Manager at Integrately.com (a Zapier alternative).

I was wondering if you would like to discuss a giveaway for your community?

I would like to give you a lifetime free account on our Influencer plan (for
which Zapier typically charges you $350+/year) + provide you a lifetime license
that you can do a giveaway with to your community.

You can use this giveaway to collect emails/increase Clubhouse
followers/increase group engagement or for any other purpose.

Also, all your group members will get extra 500 tasks/month, FREE for a
lifetime, even on the free plan.

Let me know if this helps stir more engagement in your community and if I can
share more details with you on this

A few reasons this is so good:

1. I happen to be paying $700 a year for Zapier right now, so erasing that cost
would be nice. He's wrong though - Zapier charges $373 per MONTH for the plan
he's giving me.

2. This makes me look like the hero to the group. I can save ya'll a lot of
money AND get a good product into your hands.

3. They've got a solid product (according to Capterra and G2 crowd) - lots of
testimonials so I know they've got support, a good team, and they treat their
customers well (much more important to me than making a quick buck)

4. It's all about ME. ME ME ME. What HE can give to ME and for MY community. He
makes it all about the value he's going give me.


Will this work on EVERY group owner? No. But if he contacted 100 group owners
and ONLY got me to bite - that's access to 20,000+ customers he just got access

If he was super smart, he'd onboard me and help move my tasks over. I would be
SO thrilled I would tell everyone about my amazing experience.

NOTICE: He is Partner Program Manager - I don't care what size you are or what
you sell, 99% of the time having someone SOLEY dedicated to partnerships like
this can be a HUGE payoff.

The ONLY way I won't do this deal is if all ya'll tell me this is a terrible
company and do NOT promote them. He could give me $1,000 a sale and I still
wouldn't promote it.

Originally posted by Aaron Krall on Facebook
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