A brand new page from not ranking to first page in 5 weeks.🔥

Web design terms. Super competitive.

Here's how I did it...

Site structure is incredibly important. The better you cluster your pages and
your content, the more authority you can build into those pages with less

Secondly, on-page optimising and entity building.

This is HUGELY overlooked in the SERPs (and #SEO in general). I managed to pick
holes in all of the competitors and find gaps in relevancy for 'web design' +
the location pretty quickly.

I sent the page out, tested where it ranked and then tweaked accordingly.

Thirdly, internal links.

I utilised a varied anchor text across the site from supporting content and the
homepage. I sent equity into these pages quickly to make sure Google picked them
up and understand the context of the internal links.

No backlinks have been sent at this page yet. I've sent a few high-powered links
to the homepage and let it do it's thing.

It sat stagnant for a while but I was patient. And here's the result. ❤️

#seotips #leadgeneration

Posted by Ryan Darani - SEO Consultant on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rdotdarani