A 106% open rate.

That's my best performing email campaign (6X better than the average).

It wasn't sent in 1998. It wasn't sent to only 3 people, either.

It was sent out in 2018 to 728 subscribers. And I'm 1000% confident you can
replicate that open rate, too.

Here's how.

1. Segment your subscribers upon sign up. The easiest way is to create segments
based on content categories (CRM, marketing, sales, etc.).

2. Add a sign-up form in your content. Scroll pop up works BEST for this
strategy (i.e. someone reads X% of the page and then the capture form appears).

The optimal scroll depth?

It’s 58% (based on my experiments).

3. Make sure the offer is relevant. It has to be context-specific for it to
work. If I'm reading an article on email marketing, make the copy relevant to
email marketing.

4. This is the most important step…

…. ONLY send relevant content to that segment.

Don’t try to slip in a quick product launch message or an invite to a new
webinar. They really don’t care.

Sending the same email to everyone is easy.

But when you segment your list, what you get in return is a highly engaged
community that can't wait to open your emails.

P.S. The scroll pop up I use converts 7.17% of readers into subscribers. Comment
below and I'll send it to you via DM.