8 of my blog posts have hit 250,000 views

My best performing post? That has 792,495 views

How? It’s because they all follow the same framework 👇

When I create content, I have one goal:

Create the best piece of content on that topic

Ambitious? Sure!

But if I want to rank number one in Google, I HAVE to be ambitious

Early on, I figured out a framework

Google loves it. Readers love it

Here’s the framework I use:

1. Intro

I use statistics. A lot!

But for me, the statistic IS the hook of the entire piece

For ex. X ways companies don't do Y

... becomes an "X ways to do Y" post

Stats drive my content ideas

2. Challenge

I'll expand on the main statistic

Why do so many organizations struggle with it?

There has to be a common theme. I'll find it

3. Benefits

What happens if you fix this challenge?

(What happens if you don't?)

This part explains why the reader should care

4. Practical tips

Here's the HOW – the most important part of the piece

Be as practical as possible. Step-by-step, screenshots, etc.

Make it easy to implement

5. Conclusion

Summarize key points, benefits and why they should take action

That’s my framework

If it looks simple, it is

But it's helped me generate millions of content visits

What’s your framework?