8 hours of writing- 5 days a week, and he offered me 12-15k per month!

I thanked him and disconnected the call.

I don't plan on calling him back for 3 main reasons:

- If I freelance for somebody for 8 hours a day, my compensation would be
somewhere around 2 lakhs a month. (Not that I expect this number in a full-time
writing job.)

- He didn't consider my freelancing experience and offered me something that he
would pay to a fresher. (Do not ask for writing samples if you plan to treat us
like a fresher- teach us to write then!)

- It would cost me around 10k a month to travel back and forth to that location
even though it's not that far. Why would I work 40 hours a week for mere 2-5k?

It's not about comparing freelancing to a full-time job because I know we won't
be paid according to the freelancing charges in a full-time job.

But instead, it's about respecting a writer's time and efforts.

This stands to be one of the many offers I've rejected lately just because my
efforts would never be respected at such places.

Any thoughts?

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