Professional hair styling requires experience, a skillset and a proper understanding of the hair and the styling techniques. That is why if you want to pursue a career in the hairstyling profession it is often recommended that you attend a basic hair styling or salon course first. 

8 Best Hair Styling Courses in Hyderabad 

These courses are not that difficult to find or enrol on, there are a lot of amazing hair styling courses in Hyderabad that can make you a professional-level hair stylist in a matter of months or days. So if you are serious about making a career in the field, we have prepared a list of some of the best hair styling courses that you can find in Hyderabad. These courses offer a lot of features apart from the basic tutorials, they have trained industry professionals, top-quality styling tools and kits and a dedicated curriculum to help their students stand on their feet in the industry. 

So without further do, here are the 8 Best Hairstyling academies in Hyderabad

1) Toni&Guy Hair academy

You might already have seen many Toni&Guy salons in different parts of the city, they are the top guns in the business and cater to celebrity customers. Their academy offers three different hair styling courses catered for beginners, professionals and experts. They have internationally trained professionals and a detailed syllabus plan to help you learn all the basics as well as advanced hair styling techniques.

2) FTV academy 

FTV is the name that many of us have heard as the original fashion and lifestyle channel. The FashionTV salon academy has multiple hair styling courses and brings the next level of dedication to their courses, their state-of-the-art salons paired with an industry-specific curriculum, internationally certified professionals and theoretical content make for an amazing learning environment, and they have tons of courses and workshop that you can peruse through. 

3) Orane Academy

Orane is for those who want nothing but dedicated faculties for their learning experience, the facility was purpose-built for training professionals in different fields of cosmetology, if you are looking for a student-friendly environment paired with the internationally certified course then this academy is one of the best in Hyderabad. 

4) Lakme salon academy

Another well-known brand in the salon field, Lakme not only provide top-quality cosmetics to the market but its academy is known for its international presence and top-of-the-line course materials. You should join Lakme’s hair styling course if you are interested in learning fancy techniques that is prevalent in the fashion game. 

5 VLCC Institute

VLCC is an Indian-origin beauty and wellness institute that also has its cosmetics and skin care products dominate the Indian salon markets. VLCC institutes offer fundamental courses in hair styling for beginners and even diploma courses for those who want to learn advanced techniques and increase their skill set. 

6) Academy of Makeup Artistry

AMA is a Lonon-based cosmetology academy that prides itself on its innovative and creative curriculum, if you want to make your career in the international industry and don’t want to go a conventional route and want to explore your creative side then this academy is one of the best options in Hyderabad.

7) London Beauty academy

If you already have some basic knowledge in hair styling or let's say you have a salon in Hyderabad and want to enhance your skills and business then you should look into this academy they have advanced courses in Hair Tech and also offer speciality courses such as hair extensions etc. 

8) Looks salon 

Looks salon is another well-known Indian brand that is affiliated with L’Oreal Professionals and has some of the most spectacular-looking salons. Their academy has trained over 3000 professionals in the past three years and offers essential and diploma courses. 


This list contains some of the top-tier hair styling institutes in Hyderabad that students can look up. They offer something better than just basic hair styling techniques and if you join in any of the listed options you will actually learn the science and logic behind each and every technique and procedure in hairstyling.