6 months back these numbers were way different!🔥

500+ were searching us on google, by using the keyword as "smart taxi" where we
are "The SMART Taxi".

we took a challenge to change it!

We all internally decided to run a campaign for making users aware about our
correct company name, without any paid promotion!

We have responded to every comment people have posted on our social media by
mentioning us as "smart taxi" and politely ask them to correct that and call us
as "The SMART Taxi".

Same followed while answering queries over the phone, WhatsApp and email too.

and we started seeing results!

Now people are searching for us with the correct name on Google.🙂

It is just a beginning and we know our walk path is long & bouncy..but we are
100% up for it!

#thesmarttaxi #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #passionatepeople

Posted by Dhruvam Thaker on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/dhruvamthaker