6 months ago, I made a commitment.

Post 1-2 times per week on LinkedIn. Consistently.

Here’s what I'd recommend if you're just getting started.

1. Find a topic/ niche that you are an expert in and have experience with. This
is the foundation for the content you will post on this platform.

2. Build an audience and connect with influencers/ high-profile people in that
niche. Connect with at least 1,000 like-minded people.

3. Contribute to their content. Leave valuable comments based on expertise/
experience (step 1). It’s the best (and fastest) way to grow your following.

4. Post your own content. Commit to posting 1-2 times per week (or as much as
you can) and track what works/ what doesn’t. Don’t worry about quality, try to
experiment with different content (especially in the beginning).

5. Commit to at least 12 months. Demonstrate expertise, add value to your
connections content and share your own experiences. Don’t expect anything in

If you follow this plan, people will trust you, and when they’re ready, buy from

This approach has worked really well for me. I've generated 150,000 content
views, increased inbound opportunities and closed new business.

What would you recommend to people just getting started?

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