🚀 510 Private Companies Valued at $1B+
Analysis of the world’s unicorns — and the most important takeaways for

In only 18 months (Aug 2019 → Dec 2020), the number of unicorns increased by

The Top 5 (according to CB Insights):
5) UiPath- valued at $35B
4) Stripe - $36B
3) SpaceX - $46B
2) Didi Chuxing - $62B
1) ByteDance - $140B

Key takeaways:
➡️ Collective worth of $1.59T, having raised a combined total of $370B+
➡️ 29 startups reached unicorn status in the first two months of 2021 (!)
➡️ 49% are located in the U.S., 26% in China, 5% each in the U.K and India
➡️ The majority are some kind of “tech” company (Fintech, AI, software,
e-commerce, etc.)

Flip through the file below to see ALL 510 unicorns, sorted by industry. 👇

Any thoughts on why AntGroup is not included on CB Insight’s list?

Even though Bloomberg reported the company's valuation may be cut from $320B to
$108B following its scrapped IPO, it would easily make it into the Top 5 🤔

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