5 years: 334,000 customers, $526.9M in premiums for FY 20 and a total $523M
raised, Root Inc. is an absolute juggernaut per its S1 filing.

I've dug into their S1 filings to pick out some facts:
1. Growth in their policies-in-force (proxy for customers) - 89% growth in FY 20
to ~334K customers.
2. Launch of their reinsurance vehicle - Root Re - which allows them to retain
an additional 15% of the insurance risk they generate (future driver of growth?)
3. ~7% cross-sell success rate for renters insurance (this seems very positive
for ~1 year but only contributes an additional 1% to customer lifetime value)

I look forward to your thoughts, comments & feedback.
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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
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