5 Ways To Automate ALL your leads for a whole year!

In one of my posts some time ago, you guys asked for more info on the
semi-automated lead generation systems I run for my business

I do a lot of things, but I just wanted to share the top 5 ways you could
automate your B2B leads for a year, and no, this isn’t just a quick hack for

These methods have helped me produce £100,000s in revenue for my SaaS, agency
and consulting clients…

Here goes!

1). Cold email automation, if you wanted to, you could literally scrape 25,000
emails and automate sending 100 emails a day for a whole year. Once you have
copy that converts, it’s all about finding that good quality data

2). Linkedin Automation - Start off by writing some flamin’ LinkedIn profile
copy, also make sure you get testimonials and recommendations. Then crank up the
profile views and connections using LinkedIn software

3). Write/Hand write a letter - If you’re targeting enterprise clients, it’s
about time you step out of the virtual world. Get a list of your 100-500 dream
customers, and send them something, a gift, a handwritten letter, a potato.
Whatever it is, contact them once a month and check in if they’re interested in
your services

I’m a big fan of the Seth Godin method for writing to enterprise size companies,
read this post to the end if you want to learn exactly how to do that

4). Host events/become cool… Since I still have a long way to go before I become
cool, holding events has always been a successful client getting technique for
me and my clients, using LinkedIn and cold email to invite decision makers to
your events is very easy once you crack it… Hold an event every 3 months or so,
or hold a gathering every month and watch the clients line up outside your

5) Pay people to stalk your ideal clients and tell them how great you are, once
your ideal clients hear about you enough, they may just contact you. Now you
could pay people to literally stalk your clients at their office or at the gym,
but if you’re not one for restraining orders, pay Facebook to retarget your B2B
leads, it does the same thing

You only need to do one of these tactics right to generate £100,000s in B2B
revenue, the trick is you’ve gotta do these tactics right, not wrong (like most

If you want to learn more about scaling a B2B business, I’m hosting a webinar
tomorrow "How To Add £100,000s In B2B Revenue And Save 7-14 hours/day Per Sales

VV I'll post the webinar down there VV