📈 5 Tips For Sales During the Pandemic
Use these strategies to land more clients during corona times 👇

The pandemic isn't over and the economic ripple-effect will probably continue to
be felt for months.

BUT if you're smart about your prospecting you could still make 2021 your
biggest sales year ever 👇

1️⃣ Sell to Who's Buying
Don't waste time selling to everyone. Identify segments of your market that are
still investing even during the pandemic and target those prospects.

2️⃣ Protect Your Mental Health
Your most valuable sales tool is your mind.
Stay healthy by practicing detachment from sales outcomes.

3️⃣ Balance Prospecting and Serving Clients
Don't get caught off-balance in a shifting market by focusing too many resources
on clients who may be gone tomorrow. Don't stop prospecting.

4️⃣ Control What You Can
You can't control outcomes.
But you can control your actions.
Focus more on outreach, sales meetings, and proposals.

5️⃣ Sell Ethically
It is UNETHICAL to not sell something that people need.
Sell prospects what they NEED.

What are some industries you've found to be growing during the pandemic?

Any interesting patterns you've noticed in your Sales?
Curious to know your thoughts!

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Paul Tindall - We train sales teams.

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