5 things #manufacturers should keep in mind to successfully grow your their

1. Startup owners lack the privilege of a steady #cashflow, which is why there’s
a fair amount of deliberation required before scaling up.

2. When you’re in manufacturing, it’s common sense that there be an emphasis on
#production systems as you evolve. Experiencing a glitch in the production
process is a real possibility when you’re looking to expand sales and demand.

3. Expansion costs can weigh heavily on your cash flow, it’s important that you
make a realistic #sales forecast.

4. If staff #recruitment is the likely route, be sure you hire the right people
such as those with innovative skills that don’t already exist among your current

5. The transition will have tight #margins as you target untapped sales
prospects, it helps to have a strong network of clients, customers, and
suppliers readily available.

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