5-step process of publishing a novel through the traditional route, based on my
own journey with 'The Promises We Made'.

1. Finish your book first. It is important to be done with your book, at least
from your side, before you start looking for a publisher.

2. Make a list of the top publishers and check their submission guidelines. Most
publishers will ask for a query letter containing a summary of the novel, the
first 3 chapters, and an author bio.

3. Draft the query letter very carefully, as it is the first thing that the
publishers will check. Submit the documents as per the exact guidelines.

4. Once you have sent the query letter to the publishers, wait and watch. It
will take time for them to get back to you.

5. If the publisher asks for a full manuscript, congratulations - you are in the
second round. The publisher will go through it and decide whether they want to
proceed with the publication or not.

Once you sign the contract with a publisher, then the publisher will guide you
on the full journey. And then, just like that, one day you will find your hard
work out there for the world to read.


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Posted by Rohan Jain on LinkedIn
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