5 Rules which helped me become a Storyteller on Linkedin

1. Always share your failures, the world only shares success, they dont want to
show the reality. The reality is we all fail 99% of the time.

2. Never tag anyone for likes, views, comments & shares. If your content is
good, it will get you all of this & more. If you dont look for limelight you
will get it.

3. Never copy the content of others, develop your own unique style. Build your
own BRAND.

4. Walk The Talk: behave the same way both in public & on private. Respond to
people & give freely. This will also help you network better. Networking is not
about taking but giving.

5. DOTS: Do One Thing Surely. Keep writing to become better each day. Write
regularly every single day. Get addicted to the process. Stay away from getting
distracted by results. It took me 100 posts to become a writer, 1000 posts to
become a storyteller

I also realised these 5 rules also work for becoming a better leader too.


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Originally posted by Sandeep Kochhar on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/sandeepkochhar