1. Your Contact List Getting Stale

Your contacts may no longer require the service you offer, they might
unsubscribe, or they may no longer be using the email address they supplied to

2. Your Email Gets Buried

With the sheer volume of email sent every day – promotional, transactional or
personal messaging – it’s easy for your recipients to scroll right past your
email and not notice it amongst the clutter.

3. Your Email Isn't Engaging Enough

Your recipients may enjoy getting your emails but may have scrolled past because
the message didn’t grab them or resonate with them.

4. Your Email Wasn't Personalized

Consumers are increasingly expecting a personalized experience online; long gone
are the days where you blast your entire database with the same message.
Consider location, gender, age and interests when creating your email and
segment accordingly.

5. Your Emails Are Too Frequent

If customers feel like you’re sending emails too frequently, they’re likely to
ignore your messages – either on occasion or for good. Make sure when sending
emails, you have a clear message and purpose.

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