5 Facebook ads mistakes many marketers do?

After handling some big-budget ad accounts I am sharing the top 5 mistakes I did
and many beginners do.

#1. Copying other or Using General template:

Creative: In my opinion, 75% of your ad performance is dependent on your
creatives. Try at least 3-4 designs if you are using a static image, try
different color tone, fonts, and different clip arts then choose the better one.

Copy Text: Getting better with your ad copy is important but it doesn’t mean you
should copy others. We can take inspiration from other brands but it’s important
to add your brand value to your copy.

#2.Understand Your OAP i.e. Objective, Audience, and Placements:

A simple but crucial one is to decide your ad objective because Facebook will
profile your audience based on finding the best person to take on that
objective, so it’s better to take time and decide the objective of your

Audience: Define your audience for your budget, try not to use a wide range of
audience as it’s all about the relevance. For example, If you’re targeting the
people with the interest of Business and Industry where your target is only the
health care industry. Optimize your audience as much as you can.

Placement Automatic or Manual: Here let’s take another ex. Of targeting people
in the food festival at Nashik, so here we have a specific location and idea of
the situation that most of the audience will be on mobile. So targeting only
mobile devices will be beneficial here. Until and unless you don’t have a
specific level of strategic planning don’t go with manual placements.

#3. Use Facebook AI Tools:

Facebook knows your audience better than you so it’s good the tools. For
example, Campaign Budget Optimization. How does it work? You just put your every
ad set together into one and Facebook will find which ad set you can relay.

#4. Ignoring the funnel:

Some so many advertisers are constantly focusing on only transactional ads which
are a wrong mindset, in my opinion, so try to provide them value first, give
them some solution in advance then go for transactional one. It will build your
brand value, your audience will understand you in a better way, and most
importantly, people will listen to you because they know you.

#5. Understand when to give up:

Many times marketers give up on their campaign too early, so we just have to
understand campaign with 1 or 2 days never gonna give the results you want, and
running your ad continuously for a long time without understanding the insights
is also the same condition.

Understand your acquired data from the running ad and try to optimize it
accordingly to reach the goal.

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