4th March 19, Keith Flint died

5th March 19, I came up with an idea to show men that other men struggle with
mental health

6th March 19, I asked Jordan Holder if I could use ‘his school field’ -
Copleston High School responded!

April 19 I asked Steven Bown if he’d be up for helping me with some artwork. His
input is fantastic to this day

Soon after, we had chats with local mental health authorities who said self
referrals seemed to go up, men wanting help. We were onto something.

Fast forward, we couldn’t do an 2021 event due to COVID. We were going to have a
break, call it a day.... beaten.

Out of lockdown boredom, we did some videos with the likes of Ian Miller Mick
Richardson Phil McEwan Adam O'Connor Tony Blacker Tom Scrivens Owen Williams Ian
Pope Jason Alexander Mark Crawley Steve Rooke I’ve missed loads. We wanted to
show how they deal with life, mental health and whatever else.

The feedback has been incredible from people all over. I turned to 1-2-1
conversations, what we do hasn’t been done before.

Now, I’m banging through safeguarding, process, guidelines, accountability
paperwork in preparation for trustees to ‘sign off’ for submission to the
charity commission

WOW, an idea to nearly charity with help from some friends. When you get an
idea, go for it!!