4 years ago, a couple of days after I had gotten my “Hire” decision from Google,
I messaged Antoine Pourchet and told him a combination of the following things:

- “Woah, compensation at these big tech companies is insane.”

- “It’s wild that these algorithm-style technical interviews can have such a
life-changing impact on someone’s life.”

- “Preparing for these interviews was an atrocious experience. There’s gotta be
a better way to do it.”

- “Wanna try starting a company around this? We could name it AlgoExpert, cause
you know, algorithms and expert, and it could offer an all-encompassing online
platform to prepare for technical interviews, with videos, an online IDE, code
execution, multiple programming languages, etc..”

We each put down about a thousand dollars to boot up the business and got to

Just yesterday, AlgoExpert crossed 50,000 paying customers! 🥳

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Posted by Clement Mihailescu on LinkedIn
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