4 Things most people got wrong in 2020:

1. Jobs are permanent: Jobs will go away one day, Plan B is mandatory now. Start
working on it today.

2. You need to burn more calories than you eat: if you dont you wont be fit &

3. If you dont save & invest 30% of your earning wisely, you will run out of
money one day. It does not matter how much you earn.

4. Upskill yourself: If you are not upskilling yourself regularly you will
become unemployable one day.

The one thing common in all of them is discipline.

Now what stops us:

1. Motivation: most of us either dont make the effort or give up easily.

2. Thinking to doing: many of us keep thinking but dont focus on actions. The
answer lies in trying. If you dont know you have to try to find out.
Procrastination is a great excuse. This is where I was stuck for years.

3. Ability to change self: this is where we all get stuck, living in our comfort
zone is a trap

Where are you stuck?


Posted by Sandeep Kochhar on LinkedIn
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