💰 3 Trends Pushing for Bank Digitalization 💰

Digital transformation IS changing business models in banking!

And digital banking is thriving 🚀

More than 80% of surveyed banking business executives believe banking will
become part of a platform of services.

45% of them are transforming their business models into digital ecosystems.
(World Economic Forum)

Physical cash is expected to become obsolete.

These are the 3 trends pushing for it:

1️⃣ New technologies will drive banking transformation over the next 5 years.
SaaS will ensure banks become more agile, useful, and accurate without human

2️⃣ Artificial Intelligence will separate the winners from the losers in the
AI is being used for customer service and personalization (chatbots), making
call centers obsolete.

3️⃣ Banks will overhaul their business models to create digital ecosystems.
Banking platforms will become an all-in-one with one click deposit and payments.

Will we see bank branches closing and the removal of ATMs in our lifetime?
It's a possibility.

What do you think about digitalization in banking? 🤔
Let me know👇

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